TKP – Deutschland-Organisationen

To German Communist Party

Dear comrades,

We salute the 25th congress of German Communist Party with comradely wishes.

This congress is taking place at a very challenging time as the contradictions in the imperialist system and the clashing of interests among the monopolies and the capitalist get deeper.

The first year of the imperialist war in Ukraine is left behind while the enlargement of NATO is still on the agenda. This imperialist system does not only pose a great threat to the humanity because of a danger of a war with a larger scale but also deteriorates the living and working conditions of the working people all around the world. The basic human rights for proper nutrition, housing, heating, health and education is now a matter of struggle. Everyday, in every part of the world, it is being experienced that this capitalist order has nothing to bring the people other than destruction.

Comrades, as you know, we have recently faced with the worst results of this barbarian capitalist order after the tragic earthquake occurred in our country. Tens of thousands of citizens lost their lives, the lives of millions of citizens have been affected and ruined by the consequences, some cities and towns has been erased from the maps… We are communists, we abide by the scientific thought. We are aware that the dimensions of the successive earthquakes occurred in the same region in few days were quite massive and extraordinary. However, we are also abide by the idea of planning. It is apparent that the reason for this huge destruction and human tragedy is not the earthquakes themselves, but the capitalist class’ ambition to make profit. While the value of the human life is totally ignored by this social order, imperialists have continued greedily to search for new gaps to intervene, local and international capital has started to look for new profits to make.

Friends and militants of TKP, on the other hand, are at the earthquake zone from the first day on, physically organizing the rescue and solidarity actions, and calling for solidarity at the district and workers’ houses in all parts of the country. We know that German Communist Party demonstrated a great solidarity with our party and our people in this period and we should say that all these efforts helped us a lot to strengthen our efforts inside the country. We are thankful to you and all comrades.

This catastrophic period has once again shown that the true friends of workers are only workers and our survival is only possible in a social order in which exploitation is abolished. For this reason, we believe that your congress with a special emphasis on ground work among the workers with the slogan of “Heating, Bread and Peace! Work in the class – Get into the factories and trade unions – Get into the neighbourhoods – Get out on the streets!“ will be a significant step towards achieving your goals and strengthening your ranks until the ultimate battle, for revolution and socialism.

We wish success in your struggles, comrades.

Long live proletarian internationalism!