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Whose story is being told?

The Al-Aqsa Storm operation launched from Gaza towards Israel has once again demonstrated the significance and impact of ideological struggle, beyond the controversy and confusion it generated in the global public opinion.

While Israeli forces continue their massacres in Gaza and the West Bank, the propaganda wars conducted in favor of Israel by the bourgeois media have taken on a completely different dimension, especially following the rocket attack on the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital. Often held up as an exemplary country of democracy and freedoms, Germany has demonstrated how far the misuse of media and political power can go with its practices which can be mildly called as a case in point when it comes to bias in favor of Israel to the world.

Israel is more influential in Germany than it is in Israel.

Olaf Scholz, the German Chancellor who managed to come first among Western leaders who hastily went to Israel to pledge allegiance, with a stage performance that is not inferior to the one he displayed at the airport, and President Steinmeier’s shelter performance months ago in Ukraine, marks a new stage in the perception operation of the mainstream media in Germany. The well-oiled gears of the propaganda machine, which served its apprenticeship in Yugoslavia and Iraq, and more recently demonstrated its competence in Syria and Ukraine, wasted no time in starting to turn. Looking at the past two weeks, we can observe the indifferent silence it has caused. Representatives of Western capital and their gatekeepers have united in one voice to absolve Israel of the crimes it has committed.

The hypocritical stance displayed in German mainstream politics regarding the Palestinian issue is shameful for humanity.

The German government and the bourgeois media in Germany have been attempting to divorce the Palestinian-Israeli conflict from its entire historical context and create a completely one-sided perception of reality within the German public. When these efforts are not successful, they do not hesitate to employ pressure and power mechanisms. Especially with slogans like „imported antisemitism“ and „stopping the glorification of terrorism in Germany,“ hatred and incitement against the Palestinian people are fueled through Hamas. At the same time, there is an attempt to manipulate public conscience with arguments such as „resolutely combating antisemitism due to historical responsibility towards Israel“ to whitewash the human rights violations and war crimes committed in Germany during World War II in the eyes of the public and history. Under the guise of reconciliation, the legacy inherited from Nazi Germany is being concealed behind the mask of Federal Germany, and an attempt is made to make people forget their responsibility, especially towards the Soviet people and the individuals who were killed, through various gimmicks.
While those who embrace the Palestinian cause are cornered by being referred to as „Hamas supporters,“ the aim is to prevent the public from being enlightened about the essence of the issue with the latest bans on Palestinian solidarity demonstrations, which are smeared as „anti-Israeli“ and „anti-Semitic,“ and with sanctions such as the deportation of Palestinian organizations.
We will not submit to anti-Semitism, which is a very sensitive topic for public opinion in Germany, being used as a weapon to suppress anyone who shows solidarity with Palestine, and people being arbitrarily labeled as „anti-Semites.“

We know that the relationship between imperialism and fascism is based on mutual benefits and that the politics of order consist of actors that serve imperialism and capital in Germany, as in all over the world. We know that they do not care about the workers at all. However, we know as much as they do that they cannot play their dirty games or take any steps without the consent of the working people. We will not allow this order to rot the working people and we will strengthen our international solidarity in Germany as well.

So let’s answer:
This time, what is being told is not the story of the workers. It consists of lies.

Communist Party of Türkiye – Germany Organization

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